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100 Days of Cloud Day 4

Attended AWS S3 LAB. This lab covers some good scenarios to start with.

100 Days of Cloud Day 3

Multitasking is good but it should not come at the cost of the quality. Limiting the number of work in progress always helps in increasing productivity. Focus more on less but frequent deliveries. Continuous integration and continuous deployments are key to make any product successful following feedback to the feedforward loop.

100 Days of Cloud Day 2

During the 100 Days of Cloud along with the Linux Academy DevOps Essentials training I started reading it and so far it helped me to look at all the implementations done by me from a different perspective.

100 Days of Cloud Day 1

It is always difficult to get started. As some of the philosophers said, you get the highest resistance when you start something new. Once you complete the first 21 days with a new habit it becomes part of your daily routine.

Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure Provision With Pulumi

Infrastructure as a code is one of the key factors for DevOps.This blog post covers Infrastructure as a code with Pulumi on Alibaba Cloud.