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Day 3 continued with DevOps Essentials training and some critical learnings from production issues. All the cloud platforms come with some soft and hard limits and while architecturing any solution it must be taken into consideration.

Multitasking is good but it should not come at the cost of the quality. Limiting the number of work in progress always helps in increasing productivity. Focus more on less but frequent deliveries. Continuous integration and continuous deployments are key to make any product successful following feedback to the feedforward loop.

Continued with DevOps HandBook, Following are some more quotes from the book

Our goal is to decrease the amount of time required for changes to be deployed into production and to increase the reliability and quality of those services.

A significant difference between technology and manufacturing value streams is that our work is invisible. Unlike physical processes, in the technology value stream we cannot easily see where flow is being impeded or when work is piling up in front of constrained work centers. Transferring

To help us see where work is flowing well and where work is queued or stalled, we need to make our work as visible as possible. One of the best methods of doing this is using visual work boards, such as kanban boards or sprint planning boards, where we can represent work on physical or electronic cards.

Studies have shown that the time to complete even simple tasks, such as sorting geometric shapes, significantly degrades when multitasking.

“controlling queue size - WIP - is an extremely powerful management tool, as it is one of the few leading indicators of lead time—with most work items, we don’t know how long it will take until it’s actually Completed.” - Dominica DeGrandis

“Stop starting. Start finishing.” - David J. Andersen

One of the key lessons in Lean is that in order to shrink lead times and increase quality, we must strive to continually shrink batch sizes.

To reduce lead times and increase throughput, we need to continually identify our system’s constraints and improve its work capacity.

Improving flow through the technology value stream is essential to achieving DevOps outcomes. We do this by making work visible, limiting WIP, reducing batch sizes and the number of handoffs, continually identifying and evaluating our constraints, and eliminating hardships in our daily work.

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