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Day 4, As mentioned in the previous post, today started with AWS Labs from the re-Invent 2020 event.

There was a limit on the number of labs that you can attain. Attended AWS S3 LAB. This lab covers the following scenarios

Create a Bucket Upload contents to the bucket Make content publicly accessible Create Bucket Policy

You can still get an opportunity to access the lab from Qwiklabs

Continued with DevOps HandBook, Following are some more quotes from the book

Our goal is to create an ever safer and more resilient system of work.

We make our system of work safer by creating fast, frequent, high-quality information flow throughout our value stream and our organization, which includes feedback and feedforward loops. This allows us to detect and remediate problems while they are smaller, cheaper, and easier to fix; avert problems before they cause catastrophe; and create organizational learning that we integrate into future work.

Because failure is inherent and inevitable in complex systems, we must design a safe system of work, whether in manufacturing or technology.

Feedback loops not only enable quick detection and recovery of problems, but they also inform us on how to prevent these problems from occurring again in the future.

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