Getting Started with Alibaba Cloud

I worked on almost all public cloud service providers ranging from Digital Ocean, Vultr, Google Cloud Platform, Azure , AWS and Alibaba Cloud. Among all of them Alibaba Cloud is a feature rich and also the best platform to start your cloud journey. 

At the time of writing this blog post Alibaba cloud offers more than 40 services to support your cloud journey. You can start with as simple as a simple Virtual Private Server to Kubernetes cluster. 

Alibaba Cloud provides a series of learning tools that you can use to get started. This blog post focuses on some of the tools. 

  • Alibaba Cloud Service Documentation: 

For each and every service that Alibaba Cloud offers comes with a detailed documentation. This documentation can help you learn from very base level to the advance usage of the service. 

For almost all the documentation there is a Quick Start Guide, that can help you getting started with any services very quickly

Alibaba cloud document center can be accessed on

  • Alibaba Cloud Academy:

Alibaba Cloud Academy provides video training, mini and detailed training sessions to get deeper knowledge of each service. 

Alibaba cloud Academy can be accessed on

  • Coursera:

Alibaba Cloud has recently launched courses on Coursera. These training courses tech you to architect Alibaba Cloud infrastructure. 

Alibaba cloud courses on coursera can be found on